Santa...and a little recycling

Well, it is my first Santa of the season!

I have this guy listed on Ebay starting be sure to check him out along with my other auctions (ebay seller: hoperayeldolls or click the link in the sidebar).

I've also been doing a little recycling...

This little gal has a glass bottle as a stand. Her dress is made from shredded plastic grocery bags.

This is my newspaper doll. She has a plastic 2 ltr bottle as a stand.

Some people do meditation to relax. Some do yoga. I glue thousands of little pieces of newspaper on fabric to make a dress.

On WEDNESDAY of this week I'm going to be doing my first giveaway!!! I'm really excited, so please stop by for your chance to win one of my dolls. Hope to see you Wednesday!

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  1. Aha - now I know what to do with those never ending plastic bags *smile*. Lovely ladies.