Tomorrow is the day! The Fall 2012 edition of Prims hits the stands! Even though I received an advanced copy of the magazine I'm pretty excited to go to the bookstore, grab the magazine and see my dolls inside!

There is something about seeing your creations in print that is so...well, magical! And Prims is one of my favorite magazines, so it is very special!

Next Friday is my birthday, so I couldn't think of a better gift. Well, except for maybe this...

Meet Peanut! He's the latest edition to my Little Old Dog Sanctuary and my birthday gift from my husband (I'll ALWAYS choose to rescue an old dog for my birthday!) Peanut's owner died and nobody in the family wanted him so he ended up at the county shelter. Not a great place for an old guy like this! But, he's here now - safe and cuddly! Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Just yesterday I picked up the latest issue of Prims -- last night I was looking through it and there you were! Lovely article. I admire your being able to work so small and yet have such wonderful detail.

  2. Thanks Penny! For the holidays I make ornament dolls for the tree which are even smaller than my normal dolls. Some days it takes a lot of patience working on that scale!