Book Doll Challenge

I'm sorry I have been gone for so long. I have to admit, I not very good at blogging. I just don't always have the time. I run a senior dog sanctuary out of my home, so I'm taking care of 16 oldies at the moment. Last week we lost our beloved Simon who was 21 years old! Also, one of our Great Pyrenees, Truman, has bone cancer and is nearing the end, so it has been very hard.

I also have a seven year old son who is turning eight next week! How did that happen??? We have his birthday party for friends, a family birthday party and then the school Halloween party and then Halloween! Whew!

But in the midst of all the sadness and chaos, I got the latest edition of Art Doll Quarterly in the mail! It features two of my dolls in the Book Character challenge!

Ma Joad from, "The Grapes of Wrath"

Hester Prynne from, "The Scarlet Letter"

I'm so honored and excited to be in this issue. I was also featured in the Fall issue of Art Doll Quarterly and Prims...feeling very blessed!

Day of the Dead...

Anyone else LOVE Day of the Dead?

So FUN to make!


Goodness, it is already October! Time is just flying by! I have a few updates for you!

First, check out my newest dolls at TDIPT Mercantile.

I have a Day of the Dead skeleton doll that is going to be in the "Dia De Los Muertos" show at Studio 12 Gallery in Denver. But guess what? I was in such a hurry to get things done I forgot to take a picture! I'll get on when the show opens on Friday and post it for you to see. I LOVE Day of the Dead, so I'm thrilled about this show.

I also got news that two of my dolls, "Ma Joad" and "Hester Prynne" have been chosen as winners in Art Doll Quarterly's book doll challenge! Hooray! The winter issue comes out November 1st! This is the third magazine my dolls have been in this year so I'm THRILLED!