Sad news...something hopeful...

I'm sorry I've been away for so long! We got some very sad news several weeks ago and I think I'm still trying to come to terms with it. Our beloved Great Pyrenees, Truman, has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). It was quite a shock, he is only 5 years old. There isn't a cure, or really much of a treatment. He has only a few months to live. I will cherish every moment I have left with him, my sweet big boy.

The good news is that he is on pain medication, so he is feeling well and guarding the goats and chickens as usual. We had him groomed on is the before and after

Sometimes he escapes from the yard and comes home covered in black muck! I don't even think I want to know what it might be...

Beautiful!!!! He's like a cotton ball!

Because of my sadness over Truman I have been struggling to make dolls. I decided to try something new to see if it would spark my creativity at all. So, I embarked on a mixed media type doll.

Her upper half is a cloth doll and lower half is a paper cone. I embellished her with a lot of "this-and-that." She is currently on sale in my Esty shop. I'm not sure I'm a mixed-media kind of much glue, and scraps and mess! I don't know how you scrapbookers do it!

But something hopeful is on the horizon. We've been worrying about Truman's best friend, Lillie Mae (our Great Pyrenees mix). We know she will be very upset and depressed when Truman is gone. She is also much smaller than Truman and we were worried about her ability to provide protection for our other animals (and us) and protection for herself. So this little guy is in our future...

I'll keep you updated!

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